PushPan - Awarded 1st PRIZE in COOK + Bakeware at the 2012 Innovation Awards of the International Housewares Association

It is the moment of truth for any baker. Turning a cake out of its tin sometimes results in a messy end to even the most carefully prepared masterpiece. PushPan makes it easy to create perfect quiches, tarts, cheesecakes, layer cakes and more. Just place it on a can or bowl and push down on sides. It evenly cooks and browns you yummy creations.

Why choose a PushPan®

  • PushPan® is 100% leak-proof & watertight; there is no need for time consuming and expensive liners
  • Allows for the thinnest of liquids to be baked, which allows unlimited recipe choices
  • Gives perfect results every time
  • Enables perfect edges and sides to baked goods
  • Easier to use than springforms
  • No clasp or unsecured loose bottom
  • Even heat distribution – no hot spots
  • Freezer safe – ideal for preparing frozen desserts
  • Patented silicone seal base


Watch PushPan Video

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