Corporate/Bulk Purchase

Corporate/Bulk Purchase

Need help on your next corporate/bulk purchase?

Let us help you out. If you need a corporate gift for your clients, a promotional gift for your company, baking/kitchen tools for a new kitchen/baking studio, you have reached your one-stop shop at Kitchenary for inspired kitchen/baking tools that not only impress but functional too.

From Cooking, Baking, Popsicle , Ice Molds. Kitchenary offers a good range of premium and fun products. We are sure you will be able to find something that will not only intrigue the recipients, but also functional at the same time.

Feel free to indicate your preferences and requirements, and we will suggest the products that are most appropriate to your needs as well as the occasion.

We offer corporate/bulk discount for purchase above $500.

Please fill in the form for your purchase enquires and our sales representative will be in touch with you shortly.