PushPan® is 100% leak-proof; there is no need for time consuming and expensive liners

PushPan® is 100% waterproof; there is no need to wrap the PushPan® when placing in a bain-marie

PushPan® technology allows for the thinnest of liquids to be baked, which allows unlimited recipe choices

PushPan® technology gives perfect results every time

PushPan® enables perfect edges and sides to baked goods

PushPan® is easier to use than springforms

PushPan® has no clasp or unsecured loose bottom

Even heat distribution - no hot spots

Oven safe to 230°C/450°F

Freezer safe – ideal for preparing frozen desserts

Patented silicone seal base

Place the PushPan® over a tall can & push down for a smooth release

Multi award winning design

Range of sizes available