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Product Information


What is a Staybowlizer ?           

How many times we would like to have a third (and even a fourth) hand, especially while we're cooking!

Staybowlizer, a slip ring that rests on the work surface and accommodates bowls of different diameters, just lay them over with a small pressure so that Staybowlizer suction cup adheres to the work plane.


The Staybowlizer finds itself at home in a multitude of environments commercial kitchens and foodservice facilities · residential kitchens and dining areas catering operations and banquet facilities · culinary arts schools and institutions · bakeries hospitals and occupational therapy facilities · retirement homes and assisted living facilities on-board ships, yachts, boats and RVs · laboratories · retail settings · pet feeding areas.

How it Works

Common problems are often best served by simple solutions. Such is the case with Staybowlizer.The device’s design provides users two methods with which they can go about securing a bowl.

In its primary orientation (logo-side facing up), a bowl set within the Staybowlizer is cradled with a full 360° of support. The resulting friction from the contact between the outside wall of the bowl and the face of the ring provides outstanding lateral stability for the bowl allowing it to be set securely in both level and tilted positions. Alternatively, a user may elect to use the Staybowlizer in its secondary orientation by flipping the device over (logo-side facing down).

When a bowl is set atop the Staybowlizer in this orientation and the user places each hand on opposing sides of the bowl’s rim and exerts even downward pressure, the device’s lower flange will collapse and a suction-lock will then be formed between the bowl, device and surface.

  • Manufactured in the highest of standards by a BSCI compliant facility
  • Staybowlizer is constructed using a BPA-free FDA standard food-safe silicone compound
  • Heat-resistant to 260°C I 500°F
  • Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • Fits bowls with a minimum of 6 inches in diameter

Product Dimension

9 x 9 x 2.2 inches

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